Training of newly recruited Village Malaria Workers
The project recruited 20 new Village Malaria Workers out of the 150 candidates who appeared for interviews in the months of September and October. Written test and interviews were used as form of screening methods for the candidates. From October 22 to 24, 2018, a three day intensive training was organized for the new recruits. The District Vector Borne Disease Consultant from the District Malaria Office also participated in the trainings. Pre and post training assessments were conducted for all the participants keeping 70% marks as the qualifying threshold. One candidate could not clear the post-training assessment and was let go. Remaining 19 candidates were inducted and posted in the vacant positions. Key observation – We had two groups of candidates. Before the trainings, one group was exposed to the field by shadowing their MFCs and other group was trained without pre-exposure to the field. We noted that the group with prior field exposure performed better in the post training assessment.