Training of newly recruited Village Malaria Workers (VMWs) and Malaria Field Coordinator (MFC)
Training session for newly recruited 23 Village Malaria Workers (VMWs) and one Malaria Field Coordinator (MFC) (23+1) was conducted from 12th to 14th December, 2017. The session was tutored by the Representative from the District Malaria Office – GoMP, District Officer – MEDP Mandla and Capacity Building Officer – MEDP Mandla. Pre and post training tests were administered, a total of 19+1 trainees cleared the post-training test with 70% passing threshold. A re-training was conducted for the remaining 4 trainees, out of which, one candidate quit the training mid-way and one was let go due to poor performance in the post-test even after re-training. A total of 21+1 candidates were cleared for active duty. These new recruits were certified to Track, Test and Treat (T3) Malaria in Mandla by the Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO), Mandla – GoMP as well.